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06 May 2011 @ 07:22 pm
Fiore Commercials
Yamaha Fiore CFs
4 MB

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This is freaking cute, I especially love the one with the packing just because of Bom's expression and the kick at the end hahah that was freaking adorable. I really wanna learn how to drive these things.. I'm from Vietnam and we use these motobikes rather than cars, now I know how to drive a car... but I fail when it comes to these means and crazy small things -__-
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05.06.11 YG ON AIR
2NE1 & Will.I.Am | "Alone" MV Shoot
199 MB

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Pretty tight bro, pretty tight, to have Will.I.Am come to Korea just to see them, I mean, to me... as a KPOP fan more than anything, I'd freak out if I see 2NE1, I'll choose seeing 2NE1 over Will.I.Am anyday... although I do love his work, I love your work Will, but... can't beat meeting the 28-Dimensional Bom for nothing.

The awkward around them... I don't know what it is.. it is so awkward, even during their recording session in LA, it was still awkward hahah I LULZ at the white dude looking all serious in the back... dude... chillax bro hehe. YG is so cute when he's next to Will kekeke the ONE THING.. I know from having majority of my friend being black, when taking pictures, you always have to turn on the flash! # 1 RULE! haha

Will playing around with Dara about their shoes,

OH MY GOD!! I SPOT KUSH'S NEW HAIRCUT AND I'M DYING OVER HERE BRO HAHAHAHAHA HE IS SUCH A PRISSY PRETTY BOY NOW HEHEHEHEHE WAS THIS FOR A DARE OR SOMETHING? KEKEKEKEKEKEK it's short, swept to the side and red... it looked like the hair Bong had all mid-last year ... wtf... hahahah

I saw this video first thing in the morning when I woke up, while I was trying to get ready for school since I woke up late, I haven't had a goodnight sleep in a week and I'm looking forward for sleeping 2 days straight this weekend.

I saw Minji during the "ALONE" MV shoot and I remember saying DAMN! GURL YOU SO PRETTY hahah she had makeup done, and not much of her hair but just the makeup... she look so much more mature and sophisicated. If you ask me, I'm looking forward most to Min's transformation. Minji's voice works really well for regae... heheh if you've noticed, KUSH must LOVEE working with her haha
04.29.11 YG ON AIR
Don't Cry (Live Session)
445 MB

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I had school this morning but as soon as that alarm rang, I did a cartwheel to the other side of the room and went online right away, as soon as YG updated YG-Life, I was one of the first one to clickity-click and went on Naver, it was awesome, I'm so proud of Bom.

I was expecting like a live performance onstage and all that but it was a live session, with other 2NE1 members there greeting the fans, I bet YG is still working on their own stage studio right now, I'm waiting YG..

It looks like CL was wearing a bangs wig, her hair at the top is really ... big haha compared to her normal hair. I love Dara's hair bro, it fits her shape so well and makes her even younger. CL was talking to Bom and Bom said that when she first heard "Lonely" she had tissues and was wiping her tears over and over again, "Jijja ru!!!" hahahaha "I'm serious!!" that was so cute hahaha

I was dying when I heard Minji said "Please anticipate it~" haha CL... wringing the crap out of the turtle... awww WAE! CL sang a bit of "Lonely" and they flipped the crap, Minji pulling away the guitar heheh
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Live session of "You and I" along with "Don't Cry"......... I was completely mesmerized... I always tend to tear up every time I hear "Don't Cry" .... the purpose of this song as the title stated.. doesn't work out so well at all haha
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23 April 2011 @ 01:30 am
Park Bom Music Video
Don't Cry
164 MB

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Click Preview to see Official GOMtv HD quality
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Big thanks to 2any1pop


I read the news article when YG revealed that Bom called Teddy at 2AM (which is not strange since Teddy wakes up at 10PM and works during the night like A BOSS) and Bom cried while thanking Teddy for his help, "Don't Cry" is #1 everywhere..

I feel like Bom... she's just amazing,
she knows he loves music, she knows that is what she wants to do, despite what her family thinks and keep on doing what is convient for her, she went out of her way and try really hard to get into YG, from there on, she keeps working even harder, not for one moment taking things for granted although 2NE1 is already considered one of the most successful group in KPOP, she never for one moment depend on that name, she does everything without expecting much and she deserve every freaking thing she gained.

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22 April 2011 @ 05:38 pm
03.27.11 2010 YG Family Concert
Full Concert
3.7 GB

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Thanks to 박하

I love love love the leadah's hair in this
, I just love her as a blonde okay! and when it's long, DAMNNNN GURLLLLL. WORK THAT. WORK THAT.

They performed "FIRE" "GO AWAY" "I Don't Care" "CAN'T NOBODY" "Clap Your Hands" "Lollipop" with Big Bang

WIth normal stages, they always have to be consious of the fact that they're being recorded from a bazillion angles and they represent YG and THE 2NE1, so they have to be quote on quote "PERFECT" but here, I can tell that since it's a concert for people who went through a lot to be there and see them perform, they tend to have more fun and the pressure is lessen in some way, it's pretty awesome seeing them so carefree but still give it their all.

They performed "CAN'T NOBODY" with these awesome hoodies that.. my guess follow YangGaeng's idea with the same holes in CL's jacket for "FIRE"

hahahah Dara's hair... a poodle... I don't even -__- her hairstyle woke up, show up to the concert and was like. "Hm.... I think Dara should have poodle hair." Dara is the GDragon of female artists.

I just noticed their pants... DANGGG I WANT IT... GOD I WANT IT.

Somewhere... during the performance... Dara felt like it's a need for her to play the drums.. so she sat down and did just that hahahahah OH DARA YOU TROLLING <3

LOLLIPOP... We had to wait 2 years to see brothers and sisters FINALLY performing this live together.

Can I just sneak in a Gummy comment to just say this woman is too fucking amazing and beautiful for words to describe?

The whole family performing together <3

I was DYINGGG when SE7EN and Bom start doing the crazy dance then GUmmy joined in a make a sandwhich... hahahah
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20 April 2011 @ 10:17 pm
Park Bom Music Video
Don't Cry
181 MB

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Yes.. I am back! HQ21 is back on for business! For those who knew about HQ21 from before, welcome back~ for those who just here for the first time, Welcome! I stop updating HQ21 due to many overlapping things to take care of that I didn't have the time to juggle both HQBB and HQ21. But as soon as I saw Bom's new MV today... I knew.....

I was jumping on my feet as soon as YG announced about 2NE1's comeback, I mean... a new song every 3 weeks while promoting it? How ... awesome is that??? I just had to, I miss my girls, although I've always been updating with myself with 2NE1's updates, I miss talking about them all the time, so I'm back, and glad to be back. =)

This MV.... yea......... it doesn't work, no matter how many times she says "don't cry" ... I still cry like an idiot whenever I watch this MV, the hug is what get to me the most, that hug.. so loving, so familiar, so heartbreaking at the same time, there's something about it, the chemistry between Bom and the guy is great even when it's just a hug. The story line of her lover leaving this world, she gets to see him one last time so he can assure her that he wants to see her happy and live her life to the fullest for him.... (DAMN! I teared up just typing that out)

That colors, the concept, the emotion, it's just too perfect, and too perfect for Bom, YG knows his shit, for real, he seriously created something that IS Park Bom, no one but Bom can do this and be this perfect.

Needless to say, I love it.
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11 March 2010 @ 05:31 pm
(HD) 2NE1 Music Videos
Try to Follow Me
243 MB

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Click Preview to see HD quality
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Big thanks to 2any1pop

Okay, Imma tell you right now, ever since 2NE1 release this song, I haven't even put this in my iTunes yet, I gotta admit, I didn't like this song as much as other 2NE1 songs, first, the auto tune.. oh my goddd.. why??? I was relieved to know that this is for a CF song, it's a catchy tune, yes, repetative.. yes. great beats yes.. it's a alright song, not 'OH-MA-GOD-IMMA-LISTEN-TO-THIS-24-7' (like I did with ONE WAY's album ;p) good.

Being a good fan is support the artist and giving them criticism when they deserve it, that's what make them better, so just because you don't like one song from them (or even hate it) doesn't mean you're not a fan of them.

Now the fun part, this MV is definitely different, and not something every artist in KPOP dare to try, they're like.. the GAGA.. of KPOP haha the spike ball cane thing that CL is holding reminds me of Gaga's disco ball haha her outfits are all decked out man.. they can be living in Wonderland and fit right in. The ride is pretty badass, haha they look so small on it though, can never imagine ANYONE driving that thing.. holy crapp

Anyone who knows me personally knows I'm crazy about makeup and nails, I'm so into stage makeup, the colors, the techniques... so yea... I just died watching this MV because it is so amazing, from CL's simple strong wing liner to Bom's double wing and awesome colors palettes on all the girls = LOVE and then they're gonna show me CL decked out in crystals. WHOOOO!! and I am so doing Bom's nails on me, TONIGHT :D

(I told you I'll do it, I don't mess around :P)

but see, if you listen Bom's part, big reason why I dislike this song. we ALL know Bom CAN SING.. okay, that girl can SING! but here, what do you hear??? like seriously, there's no soul, there's no HER.. not there... Dara sounds the same. haha

And then CL became Cher.. hmmm.. interesting haha I DIED LAUGHING WHEN DARA SHOT THE STORMSTROOPERS!! :DD

The jungle scene.. manggg. 2NE1 is probably the ONLY girl group with the balls to do a awkward dance like that onstage, props to them if they're gonna perform that live

So many trends and styles showed in this MV, from the crazy Gaga, to the animals prints, jungle fever, then my fave, the vintage kind '50s lady like with a modern twists they had on at the end, THAT IS SOOO HOT then BAM! they switched to down in the hood chilling with ma PJs mode. haha I love that transaction

Fishie CL blowing bubbles at the end!!
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11.22.09 Love Sharing Concert
CL & Minzy: Please Don't Go
196 MB

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They brought it, haha I can't say I'm surprised AT ALL, these two amaze me every freaking time, I'm always excited to watch their stage, when you watch a performance of a song too much, sometimes you'll get "eh... it's just another one, doesn't kill me if I don't watch it" that becomes my attitude towards some of 2NE1 songs, mostly because I never get enough sleep anymore, haha but for these two girls, I just HAVE to watch each of their performance, because their energy is so amazing it just... intrigue me.. I guess that's the word haha

The choreo is pretty awesome too, it's somewhere between sexy, rough, and... cheerleading.. haha idk how that works but it did, I would guess Shaun choregraphed this too since Aimee flew to Korea to work on this with them and also appear for the stage appearance, Teddy make the damn beat so freaking awesome that the dance looks mind blowing. Good one appa Teddy.
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22 November 2009 @ 05:14 pm
11.22.09 SBS Good Sunday
Dara on Family Outing
784 MB

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Thanks to moohan

This is one hilarious episode, oh god. NOTHING.. can go past Hyori, so don't even try. it's cool how Dara doesn't bloat when she wakes up in the morning, many female are jealous LOL at her doting on Tam Tam >__<
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21 November 2009 @ 05:34 pm
11.21.09 Mnet Asia Music Award
2NE1 Cuts
318 MB

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I made cut from each part of the show and put it all in there, including the little cuts in between the audience, fortunately, the size of the file turn out very small so hope you guys appreciate the mercy on your hard drive hahaha I know I do.

They owned it......... damn... first of all... they're a rookie, debut just this May, and.... 6 months later, they got the BIGGEST award of the night, which is the 'Song of the Year' award, Big Bang won that same award 2 years ago and that boosted their fame to the Big Bang we know today, i still remembered that morning 2 years ago, so freaking emotional for me, I cried like crazy when they won, so was Dae, and now their sisters are following their footsteps, must be really emotional for the girls too, all of them crying, Bong was rooting them on like the big brother he is. I love it.

The musical performance was VERY clever, I like it and I think it was very well executed, I love Dara's "KISS" song so to see her perform it, it was QUITE sexyy... and that male lead, he knows what he's doing haha BRAVO!! I LOVE IT when Dara have her hair like that and those eyes of her, I must say, I'm a fan of sexy and strong Dara more than cute and adorable Dara haha

Bommie and her cute flower shop, MAMA went freaking all out for this, a whole damn town set onstage, I thought the part of her and the snow was freaking adorable!!

CL and Minzy KILLED IT with Please Don't Go, that was too damn awesome, two true and amazing performers breaking it down, I can so much energy on that stage, there wasn't one second that htye slowed down, bursting with charisma, and I can't get over how much I love CL's outfit haha

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