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TwentyOne Century Coolness.

Vicky's HQ21
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YG Entertainment's 2nd girls group, who have been receiving many hypes even before
their group's name have been decide. They've been dubbed as the 'Female Big Bang'
since they belong to the same company as one of the most successful boy group in
Korean Entertainment, Big Bang.

Their official name is 2NE1. The meaning to the name is that the group
will produce music that is fresh like the age of 21. And like the number ‘21′ in
a game of blackjack, it meant to never lose. "21" consist of 4 members Park Bom,
Sandara Park, Minji,
and CL, whom is the leader of "21". Park Bom who has been
featured in Big Bang’s songs before, Sandara Park who already made a name for
herself as an actress in Philippine, MinJi who is the granddaughter of a famous
Korean traditional dancer, and last but definitely NOT least, CL, who is known
to have amazing rapping skills and able to speak in 4 languages, some even call
her as the ‘Female GD’ after hearing her rap in some of YG family collab songs.

Even before their debut, they already manage to snatch a cell phone CF
(commercial film) deal from LG CYON, co-endorse with Big Bang in CYON’s newest
phone line, ‘LOLLIPOP’
, normally in the Korean entertainment industry, only top
stars are able to get a cell phone CF deal.

This is definitely a group to look out for in the year 2009.